Highlights in March – Empyrean strikes back!

The year is still young, but we have already seen many new and fantastic products.[...]

World of Headphones | March 02, 2024 in Heidelberg

Save the Date! What belongs together comes together! On March 2, 2024, the “World of[...]

360 degree tour of our Pleasuredome

For those who can’t make it to Heidelberg, here’s a 360 degree tour of our[...]

Welcome to the Headphone Museum – Intro

Our new Headphone Pleasuredome offers not only the best of 2022 and beyond, but also[...]

Born in 1947 … reborn in 2022. The legend lives.

Our new Headphone Pleasuredome is certainly not short of highlights. One of the coolest places[...]

First Headphone Camp in the new shop: September 17, 2022

Good news: our legendary Headphone Camp is finally back. But now in a new home,[...]

Welcome (soon) to the Pleasuredome!

We’re almost there. In late August, we’ll move operations to our new site, a true[...]

Work in progress …

In May 2022, headphone geeks will have a new Mekka. Our new headphone.shop in Heidelberg[...]