Work in progress …

In May 2022, headphone geeks will have a new Mekka. Our new in Heidelberg is not just 150m2 full of excellent gear (decorated in an entirely new way), but a pleasuredome in the real sense of the word.

To name just a few highlights: a binaural recording studio (featuring Kii speakers), the Wall of Fame (where you can check-out not only the best gear – and the best albums of all times – but also in binaural recordings), the Zeitgeist manufacture, a Toyzone/Boyzone (which will take you back to the 1980’s) and the Wunderbar (which might rival many wine-, craftbeer-, whisky- and coffee-stores around). Most of all however, our pleasuredome will be home to our regular Headphone Camp meet-ups (on Fridays & Saturdays every month or two).

Stay tuned. We’ll post news and the work in progress here.

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