Why choose us? We give you 6 reasons!

Our new headphone.shop pleasuredome & headphone camps

In Nov. 2021 we’ll open a true head-fi’ers pleasuredome: 150 m2 dedicated only to headphones, in-ears & electronics. Experience a world-class selection of audiophile toys, our wall of fame, a binaural studio and even our own little manufacture. Also meet other head-fi’ers and people from the industry at our regular headphone camps.

This is how things look like in March 2021. Stay tuned and see work in progress here.

World class selection of heaphones, in-ears & such ... and nothing more!

We have a world-class line-up of audiophile headphones, in-ears and electronics. If it’s really good, we have it or we’ll get it for you!

The brands we sell most include: Astell & Kern, Campfire Audio, Meze, Zeitgeist, Tailormade, Abyss, Spirit Torino, ZMF, Raal Requisite, Focal, Stax, Grado, Audeze, T+A, JH Audio, Final Audio, Noble Audio, 64 Audio, Paltauf, Feliks, Dan Clark (Mr. Speakers), Copland, Waversa … and more brands coming.

Unbeatable experience and customer-feedback of what's really good

After 5 years in the management of beyerdynamic and more than 5 years running a headphone specialty shop, we know pretty well, which products are good – and which are just good marketing.

Much more though, we don’t just rely on our own experience. We can count on continuous feedback of almost 5.000 headphone & earphone customers, most of them audiophile connaisseurs. This is absolutely essential to have a balanced and unbiased perspective.

After sale service that deserves it's name

The great majority of our customers are returning customers. This is because we pay a lot of attention to their needs before and after their purchase. This means, if you’re unhappy, or if have a problem with a product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will always listen and try to solve the problem!