Highlights in March – Empyrean strikes back!

The year is still young, but we have already seen many new and fantastic products. Even though the Austrian Audio Composer and the Meze Empyrean II were released last year – they are both still red hot. At the World Of Headphones on March 2nd, these two were consequently the most requested headphones – next to the Raal 1995 bolides. The Immanis and the Magna roll up the field at the upper end and offer an incomparable sound pleasure with their ribbon drivers. What the Immanis achieves with the Feliks Envy in the Performance Edition seems to be out of this world.

The enthusiasm was written all over the faces of all the test subjects in Heidelberg. Very few of them – myself included – probably didn’t think such a big step in sound quality in the high-end sector was possible. Be sure to listen! Immanis and Magna are available for testing in our headphone store alongside Composer and Empyrean II – please make an appointment in advance!

Then why not try the brand new and exclusive, strictly limited Feliks Audio 25th Anniversary Edition? Limited to 25 units, the Envy shines with genuine, deep black piano lacquer and exclusive Elrog ER300B and Psvane CV181 tubes. It has also been optimized for maximum performance in all other respects by the Feliks development team with incredible effort. Anyone familiar with the Envy Performance can easily imagine: In order to tease even more sound out of this almost perfect AMP, an incredible amount of know-how and dedication was required.

And here you can find the products from Audio / Stereoplay 06/2024

The Empyrean Strikes back

Meze Empyrean II


Open-back headphones

Meze – Empyrean II


Röhre Limited

Feliks Envy 25th Anniversary

Out of stock

Analog warmth & digital precision

Astell&Kern SP3000T

Portable Audio Players (DAP)

Astell & Kern – A&Ultima SP3000T


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