Born in 1947 … reborn in 2022. The legend lives.

Our new Headphone Pleasuredome is certainly not short of highlights. One of the coolest places to discover high-quality headphones, in-ears, and everything that goes with it. But the offers much more for eyes & ears. For example our 1947 Wurlitzer Bubbler. Launched in the late 40’s a diner in upstate New York, it was mothballed in storage for a good 70 years until we brought it back to life in early 2022. The gem was meticulously restored by the magician himself Matthias Geweke. Every detail was taken care of. It plays – absolutely authentic – with the original tube amplifier … and only with US coins (5ct per play). But we don’t want to torture the old lady further with Elvis Presely or Chuck Berry. She may arrive in the modern age and play the best music from Prince to Amy Winehouse to Rihanna. And this lady means power & glory, you won’t believe it … From 17.9.2022 in the in Heidelberg.

Save the date: next camp September 17, 2022

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