First Headphone Camp in the new shop: September 17, 2022

Good news: our legendary Headphone Camp is finally back. But now in a new home, namely in our new Headphone Pleasuredome in Heidelberg.

The who’s who of headphones, in-ears, and everything that goes with them is waiting for you, including some world premiers, interesting people, and, of course, the new Headphone Pleasuredome… Just to name a few highlights: The world’s first headphone museum, the headphone cinema, and the, both equipped with fabulous software … many exhibits of world-famous musicians, an original 1947 Wurlitzer Bubbler, and much more …

Since we only have a limited number of listening seats – and want to ensure a unique experience for every guest – registered guests ONLY will be admitted. You can choose between the Early-Bird Session from 11am to 3pm OR (not AND) the Late-Starter Session from 3pm to 7pm.

From 7pm, we’ll have an After-Work-Come-Together. Here you can talk seriously with other guests, bloggers, hosts, etc., or enjoy the completely meaningless dialogue. We will provide you with little treats as well as some outstanding wines, craft beers, whisky, and rums… and our 1947 Wurlitzer will show what it’s made of. Separate registration is required for this and there will be an expensive fee (for the after-work event only). Guests of the first headphone session can easily take the streetcar to the old town and stretch their legs in the meantime.

P.S.: if you can’t make it to Heidelberg on 9/17, or if you register too late … no stress! We will do 4-6 events per year. The next camp for sure before the end of November.

Find more impressions of our new Pleasuredome (still work in progress) below the registration form …

Save the date: next camp September 17, 2022

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