Welcome to the Headphone Museum – Intro

Our new Headphone Pleasuredome offers not only the best of 2022 and beyond, but also a fast-paced roller coaster ride through the entire era of headphones. All of our exhibits are ready to play and will actually be demonstrated when the occasion arises …

Here is a short excerpt of what the Headphone Museum currently has to offer:

Nathaniel Baldwin (1915-20)
Beyer DT48 (ca. 1948)
Koss SP/3 (1958)
AKG K50 (1959)
Sennheiser HD414 (1968)
Sennheiser HD424 (1970)
Beyer DT204 (1973)
Pioneer SE700 (1974)
Yamaha HP-1 (1975)
Stax SR-3 (1968)
Stax Sigma (1977)
Sennheiser Unipolar 2000/02
Koss ESP6 (1968)
Jecklin Float PS2 (ca. 1978)
AKG K1000
Sennheiser HD540 Ref Gold
AKG K240 Sextett Cardan (1975)
Beyer DT440 (1976)
Beyer DT990 (1985)
Beyer DT100 (1965)
Sony MDR-3L2
Koss Porta Pro
Stax SR-001 (1st gen)
Apple Earbuds (1st gen)
Bragi The Dash (1st gen)

And as sources …

Nakamichi Dragon
Sony CDP-101
Sony Walkman TPS L2
Sony Walkman II (1st gen)
Sony Discman D50
Sony MD Walkman MZ-1
Rio Diamond PMP300
iPod 1st (2001)
Astell & Kern AK100

We will present all devices in detail one by one because they all have a contemporary relevance in the development of headphones.

Save the date: next camp September 17, 2022

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