Perhaps the smartest & best speaker system in the world now live with us.

Actually, we are 100% specialized in headphones & Co, but with Kii Audio we have become unfaithful just for once. These 4 arguments have convinced us:

  • Kii speakers completely eliminate the room. Large windows, walls and corners etc. are no problem. No reconstruction work is necessary. The music returns to the living room. For everyone and forever!
  • Kii speakers are fully active, digital and complete with preamplifier. An absolutely perfectly harmonizing system. Plug & Play. No bulky electronics, no cables-mess.
  • Kii speakers are compact & stylish (Kii Three) and therefore for all family members. They enhance any living space instead of dominating it. If desired, they can be extended with the BXT modules.
  • Last, but not least, Kii speakers are among the best in the world in terms of sound. Abbey Road Studios and many other top addresses can’t be wrong.

Kii Three including BXT modules are now ready for demonstration in the in Heidelberg. Registration for consultation and demo is preferred (because in this time no listening of headphones is possible).