Erzetich | Interview with Blaz Erzetic 

This year in Munich, Erzetich has showcased updated versions of their initial headphone models: Mania, Phobos, and Thalia. In this interview, Blaz shares insights into the enhancements made to the new Thalia, the improved sound signature, and what to expect from Erzetich for the rest of 2024. Discover more about these exciting developments: 

What can you tell us about the new Thalia? What’s different about this version?

Blaz: Through the years we have gathered feedback from our customers, which prompted us to make Thalia more comfortable and create an even better sound signature. Still keeping the previous aesthetic with same size octagonal cups, new Thalia features four main updates: 

  • A carbon-fiber headband that replaces the original steel headband. 
  • Earcups were made from resin instead of wood, which allowed us to create a more complex inner geometry. 
  • Earpads are now larger and softer, for increased comfort 
  • We also upgraded the cable to an 8-core silver-plated OFC. 

How would you describe its sound signature? 

Blaz: The first Thalia version was already special, in terms of sound. For such a small headphone, the bass, linearity and soundstage were exceptional. With the new version the sound improved even further, this version being much more balanced and detailed. They are my favorite headphones and I use them more than any other model I’ve created. 

What does the remainder of 2024 hold for your brand? 

Blaz: We have a new amplifier in development, based on our Bacillus Tilia model, called Bacillus Tilia Plus. It’s a dual-mono completely balanced amplifier that will also have unbalanced input and/or output options. We hope to release this product later this year, in autumn.

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