ZMF Summer Special – Hot Of The Grill

It’s that time again: the annual ZMF Hot Cup Summer is upon us.

Hot Cup Summer LTD Edition

As always, RedHeart at ZMF is stunningly beautiful, with an “I can’t believe nature created something so vibrant” look. It is only very lightly stained so that the wood browns as little as possible over time and still retains its natural grain.

Canarywood has become a permanent fixture and favourite at ZMF. The wood feels buttery soft and looks lively. Each piece comes in three or four colours, with reds, greens, yellows and more. Using Canarywood for closed-back headphones is always a winner, as the medium density has just the right amount of decay to sound extremely natural.


Open-back headphones

ZMF – Caldera Closed

3.899,00 4.299,00 

Open-back headphones

ZMF – Atrium

2.799,00 3.199,00 

Open-back headphones

ZMF – Caldera

3.899,00 4.199,00 

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