360 degree tour of our Pleasuredome

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Welcome (soon) to the Pleasuredome!

We’re almost there. In late August, we’ll move operations to our new site, a true[...]

The first Zeitgeister are branded …

As we’re currently crafting crafting the first Zeitgeist in-ears, we also give them a branding.[...]

Guess who got all these awards …

How many headphones have gotten this many awards, except a Stax 009? This is just[...]

Audiophile Tip: Stacey Kent / Dreamer in Concert … and what is sounds best with

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Our Bestellers Q1/2021 … High-End Over-Ears

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What a match: Glaetzer Amon Ra & Meze Empyrean / ALO Studio Six

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Astell & Kern players: what can(t) you do with these?

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The mother of audiophile playlists: almost 1.000 songs!

When we announced our audiophile playlist project to very few brands, including Astell & Kern,[...]

Work in progress …

In May 2022, headphone geeks will have a new Mekka. Our new headphone.shop in Heidelberg[...]

What is it that makes the best sound?

One of the most common questions we get is what matters most, if you want[...]