64 Audio – U18 t


The U18t has a world-first 18BA design designed for critical listeners in professional fields.
An extraordinary 18 balanced armature drivers per ear piece, the U18t is 64 audio’s top-of-the-line reference in-ear monitor built to impress all listeners. This industry-first design pushes the limits of what a reference monitor can do with mind-blowing detail, expansion, and unmatched resolution over the whole frequency spectrum, combined with a powerful low-end and expanded sub-bass – somehow resembling its custom partner, the A18t, which is favored by critical listeners in engineering, monitoring & mixing, and audiophiles listeners.

Upgrade the 64 Audio U18t – and get a great discount on Tailormade custom eartips and upgrade cables (balanced and unbalanced).

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64 Audio - U18 t
64 Audio – U18 t