VAT, shipping, best-price and demo

Shipping cost

Germany: under 150 EUR purchase value: 7,90 EUR shipping (DHL), over 150 EUR: free shipping (DHL)

EU: 12,90 EUR (DHL), 24,90 EUR (FedEx)

CH, N, UK: 14,90 EUR (DHL), 29,90 EUR (FedEx)

All other countries: 49,90 EUR (FedEx)

Payment methods

We currently accept bank transfer and Paypal. You can use credit card via Paypal.

VAT tax and prices (and why you must add tax in US-Shops)

The prices are indicated based on the country you selected for shipments. By law, we must charge VAT to all shipments in the EU, which means, the prices in the shop include VAT. The good news is, you don’t have to pay any taxes or duties upon arrival of your parcel.

For visitors outside the EU – including Switzerland, Norway and the UK – all prices are indicated with no VAT. So these prices look much more attractive in the shop (just like those when you visit US-shops are also with no VAT). On the other hand, import taxes (your local VAT) and duties will apply when the parcel arrives at the border/customs and is handed over to the courier in your country. These cost must be taken by you.

In short: VAT taxes included when you live in the EU, no VAT taxes included when you live outside the EU.

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