64 Audio – Nio


The Nio showcases 64 Audio technologies including LID, TIA, and apex, with a fun hybrid implementation that brings in full bass power and an extremely smooth mid-range performance. From the specs, you can see how much emphasis is put on the mid frequencies and it is a gem for vocal lovers, vocal is lush with a very 3D presentation, topped with effortless articulation and extension.

The design is very sensitive and has very good synergy with a wide range of gears, overall it is very enjoyable and smooth to listen to with excellent technical capabilities, also a lot of fun to play with the different apex modules.

As far as the design is concerned, the Nio is one of the most beautiful and luxuriously designed 64 Audio earphones with its Abalone faceplate insert, which looks stunning in every angle!

Upgrade the 64 Audio Nio – and get a great discount on Tailormade custom eartips and upgrade cables (balanced and unbalanced).

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64 Audio - Nio
64 Audio – Nio