64 Audio – Fourté


The Fourte has amazing design aesthetics, and mouth dropping capability to capture so much details and emotion in the mix while being very airy and resolving. 64 keeps on innovating and this time not only they get us a very fancy patina cover, but also one of the clearest sounding IEM I have ever heard with a very elaborating soundstage. The Fourte is also pairing unbelievably well with different gears and it sounds great even out of my Macbook pro. If you are looking for the best of the best balanced sounding IEM, or if you want to upgrade your In-ears to reveal all the details in your mixes, go ahead and get the Fourte!

Upgrade the 64 Audio Fourté – and get a great discount on Tailormade custom eartips and upgrade cables (balanced and unbalanced).

Ask for a demo unit or best price.

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64 Audio - Fourté
64 Audio – Fourté