New in store: Erzetich Audio

Erzetich Audio is a company from Slovenia that specializes in the production of handmade audio equipment. Blaž Erzetič, the founder of the company, studied electronics in his youth and later built his own hi-fi system to enjoy music of the highest quality. Erzetich Audio’s philosophy is to create handcrafted audio equipment that offers the ultimate music experience. The devices are made from local lime or spruce wood and are characterized by robustness and complete maintainability. Each device undergoes a handcrafted manufacturing and testing process to ensure that it meets Erzetich Audio’s high quality standards.

Erzetich Audio’s product range includes a variety of products, including headphone amplifiers and headphones. The headphone amplifiers are available in different classes, including Class-A and Class-AB. Among the most popular models are the Bacillus Tilia, the Perfidus and the Deimos. Erzetich Audio also offers a selection of handcrafted headphones, including the Thalia, the Mania and the Phobos. Each headphone undergoes the same painstaking process of hand-crafting and testing to ensure the highest quality standards.

Erzetich Audio’s dedication to the highest quality sound is reflected not only in their products, but also in their choice of materials and handcrafted manufacturing process. These elements not only give Erzetich Audio’s audio equipment a distinctive aesthetic, but also guarantee an exceptional listening experience. Erzetich Audio stands for craftsmanship, quality and a passion for excellent sound.

Open-back headphones

Erzetich – Charybdis


Open-back headphones

Erzetich – Phobos


Open-back headphones

Erzetich – Mania


Open-back headphones

Erzetich – Thalia


Headphone Amps & DACs

Erzetich – Scylla


Headphone Amps & DACs

Erzetich – Deimos


Headphone Amps & DACs

Erzetich – Perfidus


Headphone Amps & DACs

Erzetich – Bacillus Tilia


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