Campfire Audio Chromatic Serie

Campfire Audio’s original mission was simple: to offer uncompromising sound at an excellent price/performance ratio. The introduction of the Chromatic Series not only expands their portfolio of IEMs, but also their mission. The Chromatic Series offers the exceptional sound quality for which Campfire Audio is recognized by fans around the world. It also makes premium sound more accessible.

The Chromatic series is designed for discerning listeners who don’t want to compromise on quality, no matter where they step in. It is the next step in Campfire Audio’s ongoing quest to deliver unparalleled sound experiences to an ever-growing audience. Because in the world of Campfire Audio, exceptional sound must be within everyone’s reach.

The custom IEM Equinox and Supermoon were the forerunners of the series. This gave rise to a series of IEMs that offer a high degree of customization. All models are available in black and a model-specific color. There are also different case shapes: Universal Fit or Custom Fit. With the Custom Fit variant, the customer can also choose between Artist Fit and Audiophile Fit.

In our experience, the universal version is the best option for enjoying music – different tips can also be used to accommodate both personal sound preferences and anatomical features. Our special Custom-Made ear tips offer the best of both worlds: They can be used to customize a universal IEM to personal ear physiognomy.

We have opted for the black version with the Essential accessory pack. These are available as standard – please enquire individually for all other combinations.

Campfire Audio Cascara

Single – Dynamiker

Welcome to the world of the Campfire Audio Cascara, the entry into the captivating Chromatic series. Experience audiophile pleasure and the vibrant energy of live music in a new dimension. The carefully crafted dynamic full-range driver unleashes acoustic subtleties, adding organic harmony to your music and elevating your listening experience to an unparalleled level of immersion and emotion. Discover the natural beauty of Cascara, where technology and aesthetics merge in a fascinating symbiosis, and let these headphones take you on a unique acoustic journey of discovery.

  • Energetic and captivating sound
  • Specially manufactured 10 mm dynamic driver
  • Solid-body design
  • 3D-printed housing
  • Stainless steel front panel

More information about the Cascara here in our headphone store

Campfire Audio Ponderosa

Precise Multi-BA IEM

For discerning listeners who appreciate precision and refinement: Ponderosa offers unparalleled audio clarity with its five well-balanced BA drivers. Each driver is optimized for maximum precision and embedded in a masterfully crafted body. With refined accents, musical notes become captivating portraits and Ponderosa reveals the true form of music in a unique sound experience.

  • Clear, high-resolution sound profile
  • Five custom balanced-armature drivers
  • Solid-body design
  • Housing manufactured using 3D printing
  • Stainless steel faceplate

More information about the Ponderosa here in our headphone store

Campfire Audio Supermoon

Planar-magnetostatic IEM

Experience sonic brilliance with Supermoon, an immersive, customized in-ear monitor that uses a newly developed Planar Magnetic Driver. Immerse yourself in weightless tranquillity as Supermoon surrounds you with velvety bass, textured mids and radiant highs. This unique meditative experience offers hours of contented relaxation, wrapped in a smooth and satisfying sound presentation.

  • Energetic and captivating soundSmooth bass reproduction with crisp technical high-end
  • Special 14 mm planar magnet driver for the entire frequency range
  • Completely new, customized planar magnetic driver
  • 3D printed solid body design
  • Stainless steel front panel

More information about the Supermoon here in our headphone store

Campfire Audio Bonneville

Hybrid – IEM

Experience the ultimate audiophile experience with the Campfire Audio Bonneville. Combining advanced hybrid technology with artistic design, it takes you on a symphonic journey that unlocks the complex layers of your favorite music with unsurpassed precision.

This masterpiece combines a 10 mm dynamic driver, an individual BA driver for the mids and two balanced BA drivers for the highs in a finely crafted, solid body. Immerse yourself in your music, explore the subtleties of sound and create unique musical landscapes with the Bonneville.

  • Expansive and immersive sound
  • Specially manufactured 10 mm dynamic driver
  • Three individually tuned BA drivers – 1x mid / 2x high
  • Solid-body construction
  • Stainless steel faceplate

More information about the Bonneville here in our headphone store

Choose your accessories

Essential Edition

Discover the ‘Essentials’ package: Your all-in-one kit for an unparalleled listening experience. Includes a Breezy Bag Standard, a Time Stream cable of your choice, foam and silicone tips for optimal comfort, a precision cleaning tool, an exclusive Campfire Audio badge and a Breezy Bag Micro with two pockets to keep your earphones safe.

Deluxe Edition

Experience the pinnacle of audio luxury with the Deluxe Package. Includes a premium leather case, three Time Stream cables with different connectors (also selectable), a padded cable pouch, a precision cleaning tool, an exclusive Campfire Audio badge and the Breezy Bag Micro with two pockets. Designed for discerning audiophiles and musicians looking for the ultimate listening experience

About Campfire Audio

In the world of audiophiles, there are brands that stand out for their dedication to sound quality and their pursuit of audiovisual perfection. One such brand that has captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide is Campfire Audio. With a passion for handcrafted in-ear monitors (IEMs), Campfire Audio has secured a firm place for itself in the high-end audio world.

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