Empire Ears – Bravado


Bravado is not built to be a neutral IEM but with powerful, warm bass and plenty of subbass energy! There is a good bit of details and a natural presentation, that sounds great with any gears you put it on. While this is not a basshead design, there is a lot of details and great realism, and enough rumble to get you the feels. The bass has tight, precise impact and an immersively tuned decay, that could put you in the moods of the tunes right away. The vocal is slightly falling back, giving more space to the other elements in the mix, and this works well with older pop music as well as classical tunes. Even if you listen loud, there is no harshness, but good clarity and dynamics that puts together an engaging stage.

Upgrade the Empire Ears Bravado – and get a great discount on Tailormade custom eartips and upgrade cables (balanced and unbalanced).

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