64 Audio – U12t


The first glance at the stealthy U12T is immediately impressive. Looking into the technical performance we have one of the most solid bass performances here rumbling down deep below 100h, and the mids and treble are also mind-blowingly 3D and clear.

This is a perfect pair of In-ear monitors that is agile and punchy enough to sound great with any kind of music being thrown on it, with strong staging performance and very defined imaging.

The treble also has a very soothing texture that lifts up some harmonic details. If you are looking for an all-rounded earphone with top tier performance in staging, dynamics plus airy bass then the U12T is built for you!

Upgrade the 64 Audio U12t – and get a great discount on Tailormade custom eartips and upgrade cables (balanced and unbalanced).

Ask for a demo unit or best price.

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64 Audio - U12t
64 Audio – U12t