Next Headphone Camp: March 2022

Good news: our legendary Headphone Camp will be back. And even better news: the meet-ups will get a new home: our new pleasuredome in Heidelberg and take place on Fridays & Saturdays every month or two. We’ll keep you posted on the first date – our house-warming party! Depending on the completion of the new building and the Covid-19 situation, we’re planning March 2022.

Of course with lots of great gear to test, plus our legendary after-work come-together, featuring wine, whisky & craft beer tastings, cooking and whenever possible live music or other cool stuff. Stay tuned. We should be able to confirm the kick-off date this summer. Due to space limitations, all camps require prior registry (on a first come – first serve basis), so we recommend to sign-up here.

Date to follow: March 2022

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