ZMF Verité Closed Bubinga wood – only 10 units and only here!

The ZMF Verité Closed arguably is the best closed-back over-ear headphone in the market. Just like its open-back sibling, the ZMF Verité, it’s a perfectly balanced headphone. Airy and silky, but never nervous. The bass is black and fast, grand, not muddy though. Zach and his team just got this perfectly tuned. Next to the ZMF Verité Closed Monkeypod stockwood, there are limited woods once in a while. We’ll be the first to get a custom-version, a beautiful red waterfall-like Bubinga wood. Attaches photo is a sample, how Bubinga wood looks like, so the headphones will look somewhere close to that! They will arrive probably end of May. And just 10 units, so it can’t get any more exclusive! We’ll put these in the shop soon. Stay tuned or contact us in the meantime to make a reservation!

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