The magnificent Seven

The popular headphones from ZMF are once again available in a limited special edition with housing shells made of Stabilzized Wood with color-coordinated, individually matching headbands.

ZMF Stabilized Wood Edition 2024

Stabilized wood is a remarkable and unique material. ZMF uses numerous types of wood that are dried to almost zero percent moisture and then stabilized throughout the wood with colored resin. The cavities and gaps in the wood that occur naturally as a result of grain growth are filled with the special resin.

This creates an exceptionally beautiful wood that is unique with its individual coloring and unique structure.

All of the stabilized ZMF resin wood is harvested, processed, stabilized, finished and assembled in the USA.

The headphones in this exclusive series are available in a variety of color combinations and unique designs. Each product is unique.

We have secured seven of these beautiful headphones for you:

  • Caldera Stabilized
  • Atrium Stabilized
  • Atrium Closed Stabilized

Only while stocks last!

The banner shows examples, these may already be out of stock!

Open-back headphones

ZMF – Caldera

3.899,00 4.199,00 

Open-back headphones

ZMF – Atrium

2.799,00 3.199,00 

Closed-back headphones

ZMF – Atrium Closed

3.099,00 3.599,00 

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