Astell & Kern players: what can(t) you do with these?

It’s time to dedicate a few lines to the little magic boxes of Astell & Kern. People come to us for all kinds of reasons when they inquire about Astell & Kern audio players. And the reasons are so diverse that we want to summarize them here. To cut it short: thy cannot make the laundry, but other than that, you got it all in one little device!

  1. Drive earphones? Perfect match!
  2. Drive headphones? Most of them fine. If you need more power, go for the Kann Alpha
  3. Even balanced? Sure, what else? Cables are no issue. if you’re missing one, ask us!
  4. Connect to your home stereo? You have the choice: cinch, XLR, USB, some even optical
  5. Connect via Wifi / Bluetooth? Sure. Even aptX HD and new Astell & Kern DAPs also LDAC.
  6. Use as external DAC for PC etc.? Of course!
  7. Save files internally? Sure. Up to 512 GB plus 1TB micro-SD card
  8. Connect to your NAS? Yupp!
  9. Cloud streaming? Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify etc … (and most even offline)
  10. Roon. Yes, finally (they are getting current Astell & Kern DAPs licenced)
  11. CD-Ripping? Yes, even hands-free (Astell & Kern CD-Ripper II)
  12. CD-Player? Of course … just use the Astell & Kern CD-ripper II

Probably we forgot some more applications, but you get the point. These little devices are streamers, servers, DACs, amplifiers … at home, on the go. Whatever you want!

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