The making of Tailormade eartips


Tailormade eartips are arguably the best “tuning” for your in-ears. The logic is very simple: earphone drivers are so tiny, they need a perfect resonating body between the driver and your eardrum. This means without a perfect seal, there is no perfect sound. However, ear-canals are hugely different (even your left and right ear are completely different), hence standardized 1-cent-eartips cannot match all ears perfectly. Even if you hammer them in, they will probably slip out after a few seconds or minutes. Tailormade eartips are without any doubt the best solution you can get. They are customized to your ears and the earphones, and therefore they fit and seal perfectly, no matter what you do.

See how much time and craftmanship it takes to make these little masterpieces. You can buy Tailormade custom eartips for your universal-in-ears here.

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