Spirit Torino Valkyria: The Audio-La Ferrari

Spirit Torino - Valkyria

Next to the Uber-Empyrean Dark Mystery which we’re eagerly awaiting this summer, there is another gem just on the way to us, which makes us smile. The Italians at Spirit Torino are almost ready to launch their “La Ferrari” among headphones. Valkyria is the name of this powerhouse: dual isobaric dynamic drivers, powered by 20 magnets, super chic and customizable, and limited to a few handful worldwide. No wonder, as this is expensive like a Campari Soda in Porto Cervo, but just as beautiful as the beaches there. We can’t wait getting these cans in our hands, as we know that Andrea Ricci can be a genius, when you let him do his stuff … Stay tuned. The first report is coming up soon here!

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