Audiophile Playlist Team Astell & Kern

This is the the audiophile playlist of Astell & Kern. See Astell & Kern audiophile playlist here or get an overview of all playlists and contribute your own favourites.

Read more if you want to know the reasons why Astell & Kern chose these albums to tune their gear:

In the case of jazz, the number of instruments used in the music along with the vocal sound is small, so it is a good genre to focus on each instrument’s  sound and feel the harmony of the sounds. The two albums I chose are famous in the jazz genre. Not only is it already a famous album in the market, but I think it was well-made when I heard it personally. If I feel good, I think other people will feel good.

With regard to pop, these days, there are many songs recorded with electronic instruments for POP.  The reason why I chose this album is not only because it is a very harmonious band composition (drums, guitar, etc.) using its respective instruments, but also because it has a low-pitched sound, it refers to it when tuning our device. 

In the case of classical music, “Chant” is a song that gives you a sense of space, depth and feeling as if you were in the space which played the song. It is a song that I refer to when tuning the sound because I can feel the sense of reality as if I were giving a mass in the cathedral.

Kissin’s album is also an orchestra symphony. It is also a song that shows the location and layout of each string instrument and wind instrument etc. Even if you can feel where each instrument is located from the entire orchestra.  This song has a low-pitched sound, so this song was also referred to when tuning the low-pitched sound.

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