ABYSS | Interview with Joe Skubinski

World, meet Diana DZ!
Shown for the very first time at High End Munich last week, Diana DZ is the latest evolution of Abyss’ Diana series. We sat down with Joe Skubinski, the mastermind behind Abyss Headphones, to delve into the inspiration and innovation driving this new release. Read on for the full interview.

Tell us more about the new Diana DZ. What upgrades have been made compared to earlier models? Is it easier to drive? 

Joe: ABYSS Diana DZ builds upon the newly developed Diana frame platform with further enhancements to overall design and performance. Weight is further reduced making this the lightest Diana ever produced, at a very low 315 grams without ear pads. 

Diana DZ sports an additional headband sling that works in conjunction with the existing headband for comfortable all day listening while maintaining Diana’s slim profile. A newly developed 63 mm ABYSS planar speaker driver with 50-ohm impedance offers the highest resolution of any Diana model. DZ is relatively easy to drive but very much so excels with higher-end electronics and sources, tube or solid state. 

Are there any notable sound differences between the Diana DZ and its predecessor? 

Joe: Diana DZ offers a fuller sound through bass and midrange and larger soundstage in all dimensions. This headphone extracts the best attributes of its predecessors, all in respect to the currently available high-resolution music sources and modern headphone electronics. 

Abyss Diana DZ and Diana MR at Munich High-End 2024

How does the Diana DZ compare to the Diana MR? 

Joe: The lower cost Diana MR model mates well with lower cost electronics, having extended bass fullness all the way up to its world-class midrange vocals and slightly relaxed detail retrieval in the highs. MR is optimized for use with battery and USB powered gear yet has a well-balanced frequency response when combined with top shelf audiophile and pro systems. The new Diana DZ expands this on all fronts, like opening a larger window to the music with a big soundstage, microdetail, and depth. In essence, DZ has a near limitless ability to scale with the best systems available, and constantly rewards its owner with cool insights into the music and system changes. 

What colors will be available for this model? 

Joe: We’ll begin with a curated selection of three custom exotic inlays to choose from, with a very cool deep metallic black polymer ceramic finish to the aluminum frame components. 

We’ve heard a rumor that you’re also working on a closed-back headphone. Is that something we can expect in the upcoming months? 

Yes, a closed back Diana is near completion. We’re working on the finishing touches now and hope to have it available by fall of 2024. 

The Abyss Diana DZ is now available in the store!

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