Zeitgeist is a German word describing the “spirit” of an era. And this is what Zeitgeist in-ears are all about. Not just bits & bytes, frequency curves & driver set-ups, but the spirit & feeling, the passion & joy that music is made of – and made for. Curtain up for Zeitgeist – Made in Germany on the wild side!

Bye by Britain is our homage to the land that brought us Beat & Pop, Fish & Chips, Scotch & Gin, Elise & E-Type, Monty Python & the Royals. How could it get any better? We will miss you. Farewell … (to be continued).

The wildest of our premiers, Polar Nights appears as decent and elegant as it gets. But switch off the light, and it will slip into a different dress! While it reminds some of Polar nights, it reminds others of themselves …

Being a German company with lots of expertise in high-end audio, of course we use only the finest technologies and components to tune Zeitgeist in-ears to sound just right. And “just right” means to us: fine & airy, but never nervous … lush & silky, but never boring or muddy … and of course with a fast, deep and dry bass. After all, music is made to make us smile, cry, jump or shiver – whatever you prefer – but not to make us yawn.

The Deep Blue is dedicated to the colour of life, clear skies & deep waters. It is subject of immortal French movies & cars as well as legendary Swiss chronos. Twist & turn it in the light, and it will shine … just like your soul, when you hear it.

Glossy Woods is a collection of wooden gems. Solid plane-tree, vacuum-infused with different resins and coated by a glossy lacquer finish, every piece is an original. Twist & turn them in the light, and enjoy the beauty of earth!

But this is just the start of the Zeitgeist story. Let’s talk about comfort for example. Most in-ears just don’t fit at all. They fall out, they don’t seal, they even hurt. Zeitgeist in-ears are different. Our team scanned and matched more than two thousand ears to come up with the perfect ergonomics. One can tell that Zeitgeist in-ears look much more comfortable. Not bulky, heavy and edgy like all the others, but slim, light and perfectly curved. Put them in your ears and you will never want to wear anything else!

The Woods & Waves collection is our mix & mash playground. Finest woods meet metallic resins. We start with a true Grand Cru, resembling a fine barrique-aged  redwine. Enjoy it with a Chambertin or whatever makes you smile.

La Dolce Vita is a melange of fine copper and/or gold, embraced by amber resins. Enjoy these beauties with your favourite music, a good book or a glass of fine wine or whisky or just stare at them and enjoy the beauty of life!

Moreover, who said that earphones must look & feel boring or cheap? Well, we don’t think so! Since every single Zeitgeist in-ear is meticuously made by hand, we don’t need to build thousands that look all the same. Beside the fact that we put so many hours in building these gems, which means we cannot make more than a handful a day, we have a completely different philosophy: each of the current Zeitgeist editions is limited to 200 pieces only, and each one narrates a unique story.

We cut, mill, mix, colour and infuse everything that mother nature has to offer. Woods, metals, resins … we even assemble the shells from different blocks in a completely new manner, a bit like a 3D-puzzle. The result is arguably the most exciting collection of audiophile ear-art that money can buy. And talking of which, Zeitgeist earphones are priced very moderately considering the insane effort we put in building these masterpieces. You’ll be pleasantly surprised …

See the ridiculous effort we take to make these beauties.

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