Meze – Empyrean Codename “Dark Mystery”

The Meze Empyrean Codename “Dark Mystery” is the best new arrival coming up in 2021. This Empyrean is the king of kings. It does everything just as good as the original Empyrean, and some things even better. This special edition is hand-painted and limited to a maximum of 50 units, only available here! We can’t say more right now, except that this gem is a killer, and it will arrive in fall 2021. We recommend to make a reservation, as we don’t know yet, how many units we get this year. Probably just one or two dozens.

We ship the Empyrean Codename “Dark Mystery” with the Meze copper upgrade cable either 2,5/6,3mm or XLR. Or upgrade the Empyrean – and get a great discount on upgrade cables (balanced and unbalanced).

Stay tuned while we’re waiting for this gem.