Welcome to the joint presentation of some of the best brands in portable audio @HighEnd 2022. Next to discovering lots of cool new products, we invite our fans to a little „meet & greet“ in casual atmosphere, concluding a long exhibition day.

The “meet & greet” will be on Saturday, May 21 from 17:00 to 18:00 at our joint booth, right at the entrance of hall 1.

At the “meet & greet”, we will serve free chilled beers and snacks, but on top of that, we’ll present a special praliné, created by a Michelin-star pâtissier just for this event. „The Dark Side … of Sweets“ is the perfect blend of dark chocolate, strong coffee and smoky Islay Whisky. In other words, it’s pastry going Rock’n’Roll.

Admission may be limited due to local regulations, so we advise you to

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Alan Parsons, the man who produced „The Dark Side of the Moon“ (to name just one of many classic albums), will attend our “meet & greet” @17:00. Alan is happy to give autographs, however his schedule will allow only a very limited number of people! This will be on a „first come, first serve“ basis, so we strongly advise to

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If you wish to get an autograph from Alan Parsons, please leave your name and e-mail address here, we will process inquiries on a “first come, first serve” basis. Alan’s schedule will not allow him to give more than 25-30 autographs. Any inquiry after this will be put on a waiting list. So by filling out this inquiry, you have no automatic right to get an autograph, but just a place on a list, which we’ll use to proceed. Anyone coming spontaneously is very unlikely to get an autograph due to the tight schedule of Alan Parsons.